Friday, September 11, 2015

Review of Cize The End of Exercize Day 16: Livin' in the 8s

Day 16: Livin' In the 8s 

Yesterday was Day 16 of the Advanced Calendar for Cize. It was supposed to be Livin' in the 8s and 8 Count Abs, but I ran out of time for 8 Count Abs. Livin' in the 8s is about 55 minutes long with the cool down. I probably could have done it and just been a little late to work or taken a shorter shower, but I just wasn't really in the mood for it. I've been a bit sore this week and I want a rest day so my compromise was to skip 8 Count Abs and say it was because I didn't have time to do it. There  I said it. I'm owning it!

Livin' in the 8s was hard! It was another fast moving workout. I have to admit though that none of the moves were particularly difficult to do, but there are so many parts to them an a lot of them taxed my brain so I wasn't able to actually figure out what I was supposed to be doing. This all relates to my inability to mirror people. There's one section where you move one foot a certain way and you do something with your arms and then you move the other foot and do something different with  your arms. I just couldn't seem to figure that out. Maybe on the next go around. 

This one wasn't a complete train wreck for me during the learning part. I was able to get most of the moves to look something like what he was doing, but there were a few that really taxed my brain. During the Cize It Up section at the end, the whole thing was pretty much a train wreck. Because I didn't really know what I was doing next, I found myself just standing there waiting for a part that I did know. 

I'm writing this post the day after doing the workout because the Patriots played the opening game last night and I had to watch every play. I missed an entire football season because we were cord cutting. Here in the sticks, we can't get the local channels with just an in home antennae and we didn't want to deal with having one on the roof or outside so we just went without football for an entire season! We have cable again because it was just too annoying to live without it. I'm so happy to get football back! I'm also very happy that the Patriots played on Thursday because we hike on Sundays. I'm not really sure how this is going to go since hiking day is Sunday and football day is Sunday! Eeeeeeeek! Wow that was a long sidetrack........

Okay, so today is the day after and I've got to admit that I'm a bit sore in places I didn't really expect. My shoulders are sore. I did Body Beast and didn't really get DOMS in my shoulders, but a dancing workout is going to make my shoulders sore? This is madness! My right calf is still sore from the hike up Tam McArtur Rim on Sunday. My thighs are a bit sore from this workout from yesterday. This one had squats disguised as dancing. When you disguise a squat as dancing, I go deeper into the squat and hit places that I haven't hit before. I need my workouts disguised as other things. It's why I loved Rockin' Body and Les Mills Combat and why I love Cize. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Nothing too crazy impressive in these screen shots. My heart rate stayed pretty low since I was clueless for most of the time. I got a decent burn compared to the other Cize workouts simply because this one was longer. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video! 

If you decide to buy Cize, make sure you buy it from a Beachbody Coach so you can get the best price and the FREE workout! If you don't have a coach, you can sign up to get me as your coach! Shipping is about half the price through a coach and you get all of the same workouts that you'd get through the infomercial plus an extra one that you can't get through the infomercial. 

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