Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cize The End of Exercize Day 13: Rest Day

Day 13: Rest Day

Day 13 of the Advanced Calendar for Cize was supposed to be In the Pocket, but we had a big hike planned for Sunday and I didn't want to workout the day before the hike. This is just a dancing workout, but it's crazy intense! My legs are sore the day after the workout and I just didn't want to climb 1200 feet with sore legs! I'm glad that I made that decision too! It wasn't nearly as traumatizing as the last hike of a similar elevation. We hiked Tam McArthur Rim on Sunday and it was amazing!

I ended up taking three days off from Cize and now my calendar is all messed up. I thought about doing a double workout on Monday to make it up and get back on track, but I just skipped working out. I missed a Monday and I missed three days in a row. Those are both pretty taboo in the "fitness world," but I'm okay with that! I got up on Tuesday and worked out. I'm still traumatized that the calendar is messed up, but whatever, I'll get over it and there's only two weeks left of Cize so even if I don't "make it up" and get "caught up" it will only annoy me for two weeks! 

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