Friday, August 14, 2015

Rockin' Body Day 26: Shaun T's Dance Party

Day 26: Shaun T's Dance Party

I finally got to do Shaun T's Dance Party! This one wasn't available online, so I ended up buying the DVD's to get it. I bought the upgraded DVDs to get the weighted wrist bands too. The DVDs came last Saturday, but this workout wasn't on the calendar again until today. The weighted wrist bands just came yesterday. They are a bit snug and I forgot about Polar M400 watch when I bought the upgrade in order to get the weighted wrist bands. They don't really fit well together. I'll make it work though. 

Okay, so this is a 45 minute dancing workout and I loved it! I was able to do most of the stuff without modifying. I did some modifying during some of the hopping, but I hopped as much as I could. There was a lot of stuff in this one where we walked left and right with some sort of groove thing going on. For some reason, I do better with those. Although, I did have some issues with a couple of the moves today. They'll click in my brain better after I do them a few more times. 

So this one had three or four different dance segments and then at the end, we did all of the moves from the beginning. That was a bit rough for me since it was the first time I had done the workout, so I didn't remember the names of everything, but it was fun. I think I like House Your Body a little better than this one and it gave me a higher calorie burn, but I still really liked this one. This is the one where you learn the Step Off move and the Snake. The Snake is easy to pick up without having been through this one, but the Step Off move was hard for me in House Your Body since I hadn't learned it broken down. I think I've got it figured out now, but I did have some issues with the fact that we did the Step Off move and tied it in with another move, so I couldn't always get my hands to go the right directions. 

Oh! I almost forgot something. This workout made me crazy dizzy! There's another workout that has you move in a circle, but that one doesn't make me dizzy. You're supposed to walk in a circle in this one too. We did it several times and I got dizzy! It got even worse when he told us to dip our heads down as we did the circle thing. It went away soon after we were done though. 

I only have one day left in this program! I think I'm taking next week off from exercise! I'm ready for a rest. I was thinking that Rockin' Body was going to be a bit of a rest for me. I had no idea how sore this program would make me! I was expecting it to be straight up cardio, but NOPE! Rock It Out and Booty Time are crazy intense. Several of the other workouts including Shaun T's Dance Party also have a lot of squatting down stuff or jumping stuff. It seems all innocent, but it makes me sore the next day. I'm honestly not sure if my brain can handle doing an entire week of rest though. I fear that I won't come back to exercise, but I think I've come far enough along on this journey that I'll be able to handle it. My brain needs a bit of a rest too. I'm tired. I've been working out six days a week and hiking on Sundays. I'm working two jobs and trying to maintain this blog while still working out and trying to eat a somewhat healthy diet. My brain is fried. My body is fried. I just need a bit of a reset. I thought about doing PiYo, but there are so many lunges and squats in it that it won't give my body the break it needs. I thought about getting some yoga workouts from the library, but that won't allow me to sleep in. Part of my problem is that I don't sleep enough. I can't really go to be earlier, so to get my rest, I need to sleep in. I was getting one rest day during the week and sleeping in on the weekends, but I haven't been getting either of those lately. I'm going to take Shaun T's advice and listen to my body. I'm taking a rest week!

Polar M400

Here are the screen shots from the workout. I'm surprised that the calorie burn wasn't better on Shaun T's Dance Party, but it was my first time so I wasn't putting any extra groove into it while I learned the moves. I barely got my heart rate up to level 4. 

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