Friday, August 14, 2015

Rockin' Body Day 25: House Your Body

Day 25: House Your Body

Day 25 of the Advanced Calendar was House Your Body. I haven't done this one much. This is the workout that I missed last week because I read the wrong calendar, so it had been awhile since I had done it. I really liked this one though. I'm not sure if it's my attitude of trying to make the most of things or if I was just in the right head space, but it was really fun! I found myself really letting go of whatever makes it hard for me to dance! I was strutting instead of just walking left and right. There was a lot of walking left and right or front and back in this one, and I strutted it like a runway model! This one also had a section where we posed and I worked that one too. This workout really worked my body, but it also freed my mind. I think this one will be a workout that I go to again and again when I'm not doing another full program. This one was awesome with a side of amazeballs. I even did most of the jumping. There were times when my calves were just not digging it so I gave them a bit of a rest. This close to hike day, I didn't want to make things hurt too much!

Polar M400 Screen Shots 

Here are my screen shots from my Polar M400 device. I was expecting a bit more of a calorie burn on this one. I was hoping to beat my record, but I had enough fun doing it that it doesn't really matter that I missed out on seeing a trophy show up after I was done with the workout. 

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