Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rockin' Body Day 13: Booty Time and Hard Core Abs

Day 13: Booty Time and Hard Core Abs

Day 13 of the advanced calendar was Booty Time and Hard Core Abs. Another double workout! I wasn't really in the mood to workout, but I got up and I did it! Amazing what you can get accomplished when you set your mind to it. I did Booty Time First. I forgot just how much bouncing this thing had in it. I didn't have the right bra for all the jumping so I modified. I kind of felt bad about modifying, but I just couldn't deal with the bouncing. It was hard enough to convince myself to workout without the bouncing! I like Booty Time. It's a bit different than the rest since it's not as dancy. There's a bunch of squats and lunges and stuff, but at the end you get to play air guitar and that's kind of fun. By then, my shoulders were on fire though so it was painful fun. LOL. I was so not looking forward to all the arm stuff in Hard Core Abs! My shoulders were really on fire.

Despite a total lack of desire to raise my hands up over my head repeatedly for 10 minutes, I still did Hard Core Abs. I still feel guilty about skipping all of the ab workouts in Body Beast. I just can't skip out on the ab stuff in this. I figured I could just stop with the arm movements if I had to and I did have to. There were a few times where I gave my arms a break. They were short breaks though! The more I do this workout, the easier it gets. The first time I did it, I felt like our arms were going up over our heads for the entire thing, but that really hard part is just for the first four minutes really. There are still a lot of arm movements for the rest of it, but the really hard part is really just the first few minutes.  

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots. I'm always amazed to see the amount of time my heart rate is in zone 4 during the 10 minute workout. Most of the other ones have a higher amount of time in 3, but that 10 minute ab workout really keeps my heart going. 

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