Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rockin' Body Day 14: Rest Day! Two weeks done!

Day 14: Rest Day

Day 14 is a rest day! I love rest days! I love setting my alarm clock for an hour later (if it's a week day). I love sleeping in! I thought about going for a run, but I decided to make it a true rest day. I didn't worry about hitting my activity goal for the day. I just took it easy at work and took it easy at home. It was nice! It's actually going to be a three day rest from Rockin' Body so I can get back on track with Monday being the start of the week. It drives me nuts when I'm off from the calendar. When I started Rockin' Body, I hadn't intended to follow the whole plan. I just wanted to check out the workouts, but I loved it so much I decided to do the whole four week program, but since I started it while doing C25K, it meant I wasn't doing it every day. It messes with my head at work. I wake up and do a workout that's set up for like a Thursday, so then I think it's Thursday all day, but it's not! I'm happy that I'll be on track. I'm just hoping that my DVDs show up quickly so I can do Shaun T's Dance Party when it comes up on the calendar. They shipped out today, but I don't know when they'll show up yet.  

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