Friday, August 28, 2015

Review of Cize The End of Exercize Day 5: Crazy 8s

Day 5: Crazy 8s

Today was Day 5 of the advanced calendar. Day 5 is Crazy 8s! This is my last time doing this workout this week. I don't do it again until Day 1 of Week 4! I woke up pretty tired this morning, but I didn't have any trouble convincing myself to get into the workout room and go to down. That's what I love about this program. It's an amazing cardiovascular workout, but it doesn't seem like a workout. It even makes me sore the day after I do it, so there's some strength training involved even though I'm not living weights or doing push ups! Love Love Love this program. Although, I just saw a video of one of the DVDs further into the program and I'm scared! it looks crazy hard! I know I'll be able to do it though because I know that his teaching method is effective. I shouldn't look ahead! I did that with C25K and was scared to death to try to run for 25 minutes at the end of the fifth week. I dreaded that day for weeks and then it happened and I was fine. These workout programs are teaching me that I can do amazing things that I once thought were impossible! 

I gotta admit that even though I love this program, I just didn't have as much in the gas tank this morning as I did earlier in the week. I didn't have as much oomph in the moves. I was trying to put all I had into the Cize Bounce, but my shoulders were a bit sore and I just held back a little. I only made a couple mistakes in this one, but for some reason, I had the hardest time getting my hands into the air as I started the box step thing. I'd do the first one with my hands at my sides and the second one with my hands in the air. It was weird. I'm giving myself a two for this one. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

I didn't get as much of a calorie burn as the last time I did this workout and my heart rate didn't stay in 5 nearly as much as the last time. I'm a bit bummed about that. I feel like I should have put more into it, but I felt like I was putting it all out there. Although, I'm sure it felt that way since I was sore. Maybe I'll have some record breaking calorie burn when I do this one again during the final week of the program.

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