Saturday, August 29, 2015

Review of Cize The End of Exercize Day 6: You Got This & 8 Count Abs

Day 6: You Got This and 8 Count Abs

Today was Day 6 of the Advanced Calendar of Cize The End of Exercize. By the time I'm done with this 4 week program, I may forget how to actually spell exercise. It pains me to spell it incorrectly, but it's the name of the program, so what choice so I have! 

I got to sleep in today! I love it when I get to sleep in at least one day a week. Hubby managed to get out of bed without me even noticing and I wasn't even wearing my ear plugs! I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but he snores and I need to wear earplugs most days to sleep! 

I had no trouble convincing myself to workout this morning! Normally on Saturdays, I wake up and veg for a few minutes. I'll fiddle on Facebook and check out random things. I usually get pretty into what I'm doing and I lose that window of opportunity where my brain doesn't really know I'm awake and I can workout without taking a shower. I don't function well without a shower! Hubby laughs at me because I take a shower before we go for a hike and then I take one when we get home. Today, I just got up and worked out as soon as hubby left for work! That was pretty amazing. I actually wanted to do the program!

I remembered a lot of the routine this time! I made a few mistakes in the end section. None of the moves are too terribly complicated, but due to the layout of the workout, you do the first few moves a TON of times, but the ones at the end, you don't do that many times.After you learn each move, you do the whole routine from the beginning. I can do the first half on auto pilot without even thinking about it, but once we get to the last 25% or so, I have to pay attention to the prompts on the screen. He doesn't say much at all during the Cize It Up part of this workout! I gave myself a 2 for this workout. I'm just not quite up to a 3 yet. If it was a scale of 1-5, I might have gone with a 4.

It was interesting doing it today. I finally had my weight on the correct foot so the moves just naturally flowed to the next one. For example, there is a section where you step back with your left leg and then bring your right to it and then you step back with your right leg and then bring your left to it. Right after you do that, you reach up to the right and then step over to the left with  your left foot and then bring your right over to meet it. The first and second times I did this workout, I didn't have my weight on the correct foot, so I'd end up getting confused on if I was supposed to move my right foot back first or my left foot back first. If you mess up which foot goes back first, you end up confused about which side to put your hands up on for the following move. 

I really felt this one in my legs today. At about the halfway point, I was starting to question if I was going to be able to finish it because my legs were pretty sore. They weren't sore going into it, but they were pretty fatigued during the workout. It's good though because this really works my calves in certain sections and I have got to get my calves stronger if we're going to be climbing South Sister next summer! 

I really wasn't looking forward to doing 8 Count Abs. I adore the dancing parts of this program, but the ab workout is just hard. It's only 8 minutes though, so I sucked it up and did it. I'm determined to force myself to do the ab workouts after I flubbed it all up during Body Beast. I'm tempted to throw that one into my routine once a week in addition to doing 8 Count Abs just so I'll get over the guilt of skipping it for basically the entire Body Beast program. 

I used the pillow from the start this time and I think it helped. My back didn't feel so good for some parts of this though. I need to work on my posture. I had to modify some of the moves, but I got through this and it wasn't as hard as it was the last time. We'll see if I can keep convincing myself to push play on this one. This little 8 minute workout is making me question my decision to do T25. I love the dancing workout because it's fun. I hate working out. T25 is a workout not something fun that also burns calories. I got through 21 Day Fix though and that was a workout, so I try to remember that. We'll see what happens. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

I didn't have as much of a calorie burn for this workout as I did the last time I did it. I had that same problem with Crazy 8s yesterday. I'm not really sure what's up with that. I thought I was totally putting everything into it. I think I got a little hung up on the fact that I was finally figuring out where to put my weight and that I was actually remembering which move was next so I don't think I got as much oomph into the steps. My heart rate was much lower during this routine than the last time I did it. I still had a few breaks in the heart rate grid during the ab workout. I just adjusted the strap, we'll see how it goes on Tuesday. 

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