Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Zen Labs Couch to 5K C25K Week 8 Day 2

Week 8 Day 2

I can't believe that I only have one workout left for Couch to 5K! I got to try out my new hat today! I absolutely loved it! It was super bright. It was pretty comfortable. It was a little smaller than my last hat though so it felt a little weird because it didn't come down as far on the crown of my head. It was actually the right size for me though because my previous hat was a bit too large. 

Okay, so hubby came out with me today! I like it when he comes out. I think I run faster because I'm trying to lap him. I definitely ran faster today than I did on Monday, but we didn't walk as quickly to get to the track as I did on Monday. That fast walk to the track was definitely a bad idea on Monday. Today worked great. I did an extra lap and got to a total of 2 miles of running! I kept with a 14.5 to 15.5 minute mile place which was pretty exciting. I did drop to a 16ish minute mile pace for a brief period, but then I worked on keeping it faster. My shins didn't hurt! My calves didn't hurt! My hamstrings didn't really enjoy life, but I wasn't in pain. It was awesome! 

There were actually moments where I didn't have to tell myself to keep running. I just listened to the music playing and enjoyed the act of running. My breathing wasn't too bad and  nothing really hurt. I kept running beyond my 28 minutes so I could finish the eighth lap! As soon as I stopped running, my quads weren't really enjoying life, but I walked it out and was fine. 

I'm so excited that I'm almost done with this program. A few weeks ago, I didn't think I would ever run for 30 minutes straight, but I did it today! I'm still not on pace to do a 3k in 30 minutes like this program seems to think I should be able to do, but whatever. I ran two miles today!  

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