Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beachbody Rockin' Body Hard-Core Abs

Rockin' Body Hard-Core Abs

I'm into this dancing workout stuff right now. I started out the day, planning on doing two of the Rockin' Body workouts. I had some problems with the first 15 minute program, Mark, Move & Groove. My laptop battery died so I had to go find the cord and then get my computer turned back on and cued back up to the spot where I was in the workout. Once I got done, I only had about 15 minutes left, so that meant this 10 minute ab workout was all I had time for. 

I loved Mark, Move & Groove. It was a dancing workout that I could do! It had simple moves that we could sass up a bit to make it more dancey. Hard-Core Abs was not what I was expecting in a dancing workout program. This thing was crazy intense. I've been working out for about a year and a half. I should be able to handle a stand up ab routine, but OMG this thing was crazy. It wasn't really a dance type workout like Mark, Move & Groove.

The bulk of the workout was different variations on knee lifts. There were some kicks as well. Our arms were moving the entire time. They were going up over our heads and coming down to meet our knees for the bulk of the workout. I gotta admit that my arms could not handle it and I took breaks a lot! My legs kept going though. We'll see how my abs feel tomorrow! This was a crazy amount of knee lifts! There was very little rest in between any of the movements! 

Polar M400

Here are my screen shots. This was another one with a pretty low calorie burn, but it was only 10 minutes, so I wasn't expecting a major burn. This one kept my heart rate up higher than the 15 minute Mark, Move and Groove. I think it was all the hand movements. I think those dips in my heart rate are when I took breaks with my arms. My shoulders just can't handle that stuff!  


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