Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beachbody Rockin' Body Mark, Move & Groove

Rockin' Body Mark, Move & Groove

The other day, I did Cize with Shaun T. I got through it and wanted to do more dancing workouts! Cize hasn't been released yet, so I picked another Shaun T. dancing workout on Beachbody On Demand! I gotta say that I think I'm hooked! 

To give you a little information about myself.......I can't dance, but I want to! When I hear music in the car, I want to move. There are times at work where I'll be walking out in the shop when an awesome song comes on the radio and I just want to throw my hands in the air and shake it like I just don't care. I lack the confidence to actually do that though. I keep my inner groove girl deep inside. I've tried a ton of dancing workouts, and none of them have gone well up until Cize the other day. I have issues with choreography and I have issues mimicking someone who's facing me. I do much better with someone who is facing away from me, but the whole mirror thing just doesn't work for me. Since Cize went so well, I decided to try Rockin' Body on Beachbody On Demand! I'm so glad I did!

So the basic program comes with 7 workouts. I did two of them this morning. I'll write about the second one in a second post, but this one was a 15 minute introduction program. It was called Mark, Move & Groove. This one lets your learn the format of the workouts and get to know Shaun T. 

So this workout has the same basic set up as Cize, but it's a bit watered down in terms of choreography. We started out marching in place, but you put a little groove into it. Then we mixed it up a bit and did four steps out wide and then four steps in close. After we practiced that a few times, we learned a new move and then tied the two of them together. I don't remember the whole routine, but it was a lot of simple moves strung together. We did stuff like two steps in place and then a cha cha cha to the side. We did some tap outs where we stepped out twice with one leg. We did a push and pull thing where as we stepped to the side we raised our hands up over our head and then pulled them down to the opposite hip. 

This workout was awesome! It wasn't a huge calorie burn, but it was only 15 minutes. It was fun and I was able to do all of the moves! While I was doing this workout, I was reminded a bit of Walk Away the Pounds. Before I lose you, please keep reading. Okay, so Walk Away the Pounds has simple moves that anyone can do. So many of the people on the message boards for Walk Away the Pounds say that they do those workouts because they are simple to follow and they can't do complicated stuff. I'm one of those people. I can't do choreography, but I did this and I had fun with it. If you took the groove out of this, I could totally see Leslie Sansone leading it. All of the moves were things that could have been in one of her workouts. I can't wait until Thursday when I get to try another one of these! 

This program is part of Beachbody On Demand or you can buy the DVD set. 

Polar M400 

Here are the screen shots from my Polar M400. It wasn't a big calorie burn, but you can't expect much in 15 minutes. I didn't get my heart rate up too high. I'm not sure what that 196 is from. I don't think that really happened. 

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