Thursday, July 16, 2015

Beachbody Rockin' Body Day 2 Party Express & Mark, Move & Groove

Day 2 Party Express 

I originally decided to just do the different workouts in the program, but not do the entire program for the full month. I wanted to see what the program was all about, but I didn't want to commit to another program. I usually take a break between programs, but I started Couch two 5K while still doing Body Beast, so I was thinking I would take a break after C25K. I started Rockin' Body to try out Beachbody on Demand and to see how this dancing thing would work for me since I liked how Cize went.  

What changed my mind? The stinking T-shirt! I haven't gotten a single T-shirt I can actually wear, but I really like collecting them! For those of you not familiar with Beachbody programs....... After you complete the full program, you can submit your results and get a free T-shirt. I'm accumulating quite the collection. I have a Shakeology shirt, a Body Beast tan top, 21 Day Fix shirt, Les Mills Combat shirt and a PiYo shirt. I'm obsessed with the shirts. I got through programs that I didn't think I'd get through and all I kept thinking of was the shirt! 

Okay so back on track here........Today was Day 2 of Rockin' Body. My first day wasn't exactly off the calendar. I did Mark, Move & Groove plus Hard Core Abs, but at the time I hadn't planned on doing the calendar as it was laid out. Today was Mark, Move & Groove and Party Express. I thought about not doing Mark, Move & Groove again because it's just a really short workout and I didn't give myself much time. I went with Party Express first to make sure that I got it done. The calendar is a bit weird for me because a lot of days double up. I'd rather just have one longer workout than have to doink around with loading a second workout. Body Beast had one day a week where I was supposed to do two workouts and I was rarely able to convince myself to do the second one. 

I loved Mark, Move & Groove when I did it the first time. I thought it was all that I had been looking for in a dancing workout program. I was so excited about this program. I was going to convince all of the people out there who can't dance and shy away from dancing workouts that this was the program for them! Party Express didn't leave me with the same warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction that I got from Mark, Move & Groove. It was still doable and I'm still excited about doing the whole program, but I wasn't feeling all confident like I did in the first workout. 

This one is filmed in the same setting. It's a bit strange because it's filmed in front of a live studio audience who gets really into watching the workout. I think it's supposed to give it a rock star kind of feel since it's Rockin' Body, but it is a bit weird. This workout was a little different than Mark, Move & Groove. In the first one, we did a move and then learned a new move. Then we did both moves. Then we learned a third move and then did all three moves. It built like this for the whole workout and then the last few minutes we did the entire thing from start to finish a few times. This one had a similar concept where we learned a move and then a second and then did them both. Then we learned a third and a fourth and then did all four. This made it more challenging for me. It sounds stupid, but it's just how I am. This workout was also different because it had two dances that we learned. So the first half of the workout was one dance that we built up to and the second half was a second dance that we built up to. 

The moves were a bit more complex in this one. The steps in Mark, Move & Groove were all very simple. There was a lot of stepping involved like four steps wide, four steps narrow and then we did a side step while we shimmied our shoulders. It was all basic stuff like that. This one had a little more complexity to it so more things were moving at once. There was one section where we held one hand still in front of us about chest level and then the other hand went up over the stationary hand and then under and then back over and then under. I was fine with that while standing still, but hen we did it while we took steps to the right and then switched hands and stepped to the left. It sounds simple to he average person, but I'm seriously deficient in the ability to do choreography and to mimic other people who are facing me. 

This one also had a bit more impact than the first workout. There were parts of this where we hopped forward four times and hopped backwards four times. I think here was also a section where we hopped to the right four times and to the left four times. There is a modifier who doesn't hop. She just steps forward and back or side to side. I did all the hopping front and back, but ended up modifying some of the side to side hops. My calves were started to get sore and I have to run tomorrow. I decided the hopping could wait. 

The workout had a brief cool down. I was pouring sweat when I was done, but my heart rate came down before the cool down was over. Overall, I enjoyed the workout and am looking forward to doing it again so I can improve my performance! 

Day 2 Mark, Move & Groove

I thought about skipping this workout, but I sucked it up and did it. It's only on the calendar twice so I felt like I just needed to do it. I was able to put a little more sass in this workout since I had done it before. It kinda gave me hope that I'll get better at Party Express before my four weeks is up. I really liked this one the second time too. It's right up my alley. However, there is something rather annoying in this workout. There is this obnoxious beeping sound! I noticed it the first time, but I couldn't figure out what it was from. Turns out that if you look just over the time left on the workout, you'll see Mark or Move whenever it beeps! Not sure why the beeping is necessary, but oh well. I don't have this workout on the calendar ever again. Tomorrow is my last day for C25K, so I won't be doing Rockin' Body again until Saturday. I'm going to do the full four weeks, but it will take me more than four weeks to do it. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

These kept my heart rate up for the bulk of the workout. It wasn't like running or anything, but I wasn't expecting that and wasn't going for that. The first two shots are from Mark, Move & Groove. The second two are from Party Express. I got a decent calorie burn and didn't have to leave the house. I had fun too! Win Win! 

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