Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rockin' Body Day 10: Rest Day

Day 10: Rest Day

Okay, so Day 10 on the calendar wasn't rest day, but since I didn't start this on the day I should have, day 10 turned out to be a Sunday, which is Hike Day with hubby, so I didn't do Rockin' Body. So it wasn't even a traditional rest day since we did a 4 mile 650 foot elevation hike, but for the purposes of trying to keep my days straight, I'm calling it a rest day. :) The hike was amazing! I'll post about it and update this post with a link to that post later, but I needed to get this post logged so I could do my Day 11 post which was House Your Body! I hate getting behind in my posts about the workouts. I like to do it when the information is all fresh and everything. On a side note.......I think my husband got me sick! He was stuffy yesterday and I'm feeling a bit stuffy right now. I'm going to blame allergies for as long as I can though. I drove by a hay field yesterday and someone thought it would be a good idea to cut the grass at work. Hmmmmmmm. 

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