Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rockin' Body Day 9 - Hard Core Abs and Hip Hop Abs Hard Body Dance Party

Day 9: Hip Hop Abs Hard Body Dance Party

Today was Day 9 of Rockin' Body. It's supposed to be Shaun T's Dance Party, but that workout is missing from Beachbody On Demand, so I did one of the Hip Hop Abs routines that comes with Rockin' Body. I picked Hard Body Dance Party since the other Dance Party workout sounded like it would be killer on my abs and I had to do Hard Core Abs when I was done. 

On Saturday's, I usually workout in the afternoon. Hubby is home first thing in the morning so I hang with him. By the time he heads off to work, working out is just not something I'm in the mood for. I need to get to town and do my shopping. Once I get home, I usually have no motivation to workout, but I convince myself to do it. Today was pretty much that kind of day, but I got up and I did my workout. 

I hadn't done this workout before, so I wan't sure what to expect. It's one of the ones from Hip Hop Abs, so it's not the same premise as Rockin' Body. He's not on stage with his backup dancers. He's just in a big room with a bunch of dancers. He's more low key in Hip Hop Abs. I like him better in the Hip Hop Abs workouts, but I like the cheesiness of the Rockin' Body workouts. They really make me feel comfortable looking like an idiot. I gotta say though that my confidence is getting better. I didn't feel weird doing this routine today. I wasn't able to keep up as well as I do with Rockin' Body though, but I did some pretty impressive hip rolls. I actually thought about showing off for hubby, but I don't think I'm quite there yet. 

This workout used weights or weighted gloves, but if you didn't have them, it didn't matter. I didn't use weights for this one since my shoulders were still pretty sore from the previous day doing Rock It Out. I still did all of the arm movements, but I just didn't do weights. This is another workout that takes really simple steps and strings them together into a dance. This workout does assume that you've done some of the previous Hip Hop Abs workouts though, so there is less instruction for some of the moves. This one had a short warm up and then we learned two different dances. Then we had a short cool down. It was my first time doing this workout, so I did fumble through some of the moves, but I got my heart rate up and I had fun. 

Day 9: Hard Core Abs

I've done this one a few times by now. I always kind of dread doing it. There's not much dancing involved. It's 10 minutes of knee lifts, front kicks and squats. The first four or five minutes is killer for me. There is so much stuff with the arms going up and coming down. My shoulders are so weak. This is hard for me when my shoulders aren't sore going into it. It's pretty torturous when my shoulders are sore. I had to take several breaks with my arms! I got through it though, and I did better than I had done in previous workouts. Hopefully by the time this 4 weeks is up, I won't dread this ab workout. I'm not sure what it is about these short ab routines that I'm just not into. I didn't want to do the ab routine with Body Beast and I rarely did the 21 Day Fix 10 Minute Ab Fix. Although, the 21 Day Fix workout doesn't actually have the 10 Minute Ab Fix in the calendar, so I'm off the hook for that one. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Check out that calorie burn for Hip Hop Abs Hard Body Dance Party! Check out the heart rate for Hard Core Abs! I'm not really sure what's up with the 15 foot descent though. I'm going to have to figure out why my GPS is turned on for my aerobics workouts. That just seems a bit silly. The weird thing though, I'm not getting a map like I normally do with the GPS workouts. It would be interesting to see a map of it though. It would probably big a big red oddly shaped blob. 

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