Monday, July 20, 2015

Beachbody Rockin' Body Day 3 Disco Party & Hard Core Abs

Day 3 Disco Party

Day 3 of the Advanced Program for Rockin' Body was Disco Party and Rock Hard Abs. I did Disco Party first because I wasn't sure I could convince myself to do both workouts. I had a busy day and didn't get to the workout until about 4:30 in the afternoon. I actually thought about bailing on it completely, but I convinced myself to get up and move. I was looking forward to Disco Party, but not Rock Hard Abs. Disco party was anew one for me and Hard Core Abs is just hard for me. 

Okay, so Disco Party follows the same format of learn one move and build on it. Then you do it several times before you learn a new move. We built up a whole dance and then started a new dance. After we finished the second one, we put both dances together. That was challenging for me because I had already forgotten the first dance! I muddled through it though. I pulled off something that could possibly be called dancing and I had fun while doing it. I was drenched in sweat at the end! 

The moves in this one were a little more challenging but nothing was crazy difficult  as long as I thought about one move at a time. If I let myself worry about how I just messed that one up or think about what was next, it got ugly, but I was fine as long as I just did whatever move he called out. 

Day 3 Hard Core Abs

This was my first repeat workout. I did this one on day 1 even though it wasn't part of the calendar for that day. When i started this program, I hadn't really planned on doing it for the whole four weeks. I was just going to do all the workouts to see what they were like so I could feel bet
ter going into Cize, but I decided that I want my tshirt! I'm going to do this whole program even though I can't dance. 

Rock Hard Abs doesn't really have any dancing going on. It's a boatload of knee raises with some front kicks. You do a lot of arm work too! My shoulders can't handle it so I need to give them breaks periodically. This is another one with very simple moves that just about anyone can do. You might need to modify by not going up as high or by giving your arms a break, but you should be able to get through it. I did a little better my second time around and felt it more in my abs the next day. It wasn't full blown DOMS, but I could definitely tell that I had worked my abs the day before. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots 

There is a break in the heart rate monitor reading on Disco Party because the strap come undone. I love the device, but I'm not a fan of the clasp that holds it on. Since my Fitness Test of the device, I'm getting higher calorie burns that I was before. I'm kinda liking seeing those big numbers. Reminds me of when I had the Body Media Device and I was doing Les Mills Combat

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