Monday, June 29, 2015

Zen Labs Couch to 5K C25K Week 5 Day 3

Week 5 Day 3 

The day that I was dreading! The 20 minute run! This was the longest running segment by far. The longest continual run prior to this was 8 minutes. I'm not really sure what possessed them to go from 8 minute segments up to a 20 minute segment. I thought for sure that this was not going to happen. I thought that I would have to give up after about 10 minutes, but I kept going and going and going. My pace was pretty slow. I was doing a 15 to 16.5 minute mile pace, but I kept going. I didn't give up. I went the entire 20 minutes without taking a walking break! I'm still in shock over it actually. I seriously thought the people who made the app had made a mistake, but I think it was a good plan. It got me over the dread of the impending longer runs! I ran as fast as I could for the last minute again. I got up to a 12 minute mile pace. I wouldn't have been able to maintain that for much longer, but knowing that I can get there really makes it easier to think of what's coming! 

Polar M400

 Here's the screen shot for the M400 device. I love this little gadget!

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