Monday, June 29, 2015

Zen Labs Couch to 5K C25K Week 6 Day 1

Week 6 Day 1

Today was Week 6 Day 1 of Couch to 5k. After doing a 20 minute run last week, I thought today would be easy peasy! I had plans to work on my pace today. My goal was to stay within  14 minute mile pace during the run sections and then continue with my plan of going fast during the last minute of each run. I woke up a little bit early and got a jump start on the workout. It was pretty warm this morning. I wore a t-shirt and my sweatpants and was pretty warm. I'm hoping that it cools off pretty soon. I can't take this heat much longer, but there's no end in sight to the 90s! I run at 4:00 AM and it was already 73! 

I made it to the track and discovered that they had locked me out! I'm not sure why. I was pretty bummed about it. I was looking forward to my run. I actually almost cried. I thought about giving up on the workout for the day too. I didn't think my shins could handle running on the street and it was pretty dark out so I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to see and then I'd hurt myself. I started walking towards the house and decided that I could see well enough to run. I started my run on the way back and then just kept going. I turned when I felt like it was time to turn. I ended up making it back to the house too soon, so I had to run by the gate and then walk back. I still made it back too soon so I just kept walking past house. Eventually, I got back to the gate at the right time. 

Remember how I had said that I wanted to keep a 14ish minute mile pace? That went out the window since I was running n the street instead of the track. However, after running for about a minute and being completely out of breath, I looked at my watch and I was going at a 13ish minute mile pace. I kept that up for the whole first run. It was a 5 minute run. The second segment was 8 minute. I was able to keep up the 13ish minute mile pace for a bit, but then I slacked off a little bit. I did have to go up a slight hill, so I'll just blame that on my slow down. 

I decided not to do the faster pace at the end of each run. I thought it was too dangerous to even try since my lighting was horrible. I'm not on a mission to get more running light stuff! I want lights on my shoes! I want lights on my head! I want lights on my hands!  

Polar M400

 Here's the Polar screen shot! 

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