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Beachbody Body Beast Bonus Workout P90X Plyometrics

Body Beast Bonus Workout: P90X Plyometrics

I really like that some of the programs come with bonus workouts so people can try out different programs to see if they like the instructor and the concept. However, I wasn't so sure about doing P90X! It's a program that just seemed a bit too intense for me, but I had to do it because that's just how I am. I gotta do all the workouts that come in the box! Why did they have to include the Plyometrics workout! I don't do well with plyometrics! My knees are just not built to do all of that jumping! f

I'm not going to do a play by play of this workout. It's too long for me to watch it again. It's a 58 minute workout. The first 9 minutes is the warm up. There was some marching in place, some jugging in place and a few other things. The warm up seemed to go on forever. My legs were getting sore just during the warm up. I was seriously considering giving up on the workout, but I kept going. 

After the warm up, we got into the fun part! Jumping! The moves lasted 30 seconds or a minute. Most of them were just 30 seconds though. There was a couple seconds between each move while he said the name of the next move. After four moves, we repeated what we had done. After that, we had a 30-40 second rest period. He said at the beginning that the woman in the workout was going to be doing a modified version to take the impact out of things, but she didn't really modify by much. She just didn't jump as high as they did. I was expecting her to do different moves like most of the other workouts have their modifiers do. 

The moves that I remember..........Jump squats, jumping lunges (they call them something different though), Leap Frog Squats (basically a sumo squat position with two jumps forward and two jumps back), Lateral Leap Frog Squats (basically a sumo squat position and a shuffle to the right and then the left), Jumping Jack Squats (jumping jacks in a squat position), Rock Star Jumps (we played air guitar while jumping), Gap Jumps (We pretended to jump over a river), Single Leg Hops (I just jogged in place because my knees wanted nothing to do with that crazy one legged stuff), Tuck Jumps, Tires, Pitch and Catch (We pretended to throw a ball and then ended up in a catchers squat), Catch and Toss (We pretended to catch a basketball and then stepped and threw the ball), Monster Truck Tires (We ran four tires going forward and then did high knees backwards). That's about all I can remember at this point. 

There were points in this workout where I wanted to die! At about the 20 minute mark, I thought about giving up, but I kept going mainly because I knew that I had a blog post to write about it. I actually thought about sitting down and just watching the rest of the workout, but I kept going! I felt pretty good about myself after I got done with this. I never thought I'd do a P90X workout in my entire life, but I got through what sounds like the hardest of all the P90X workouts. I'm actually contemplating trying the program now! I've got so many programs to do already though! Maybe this winter I'll do P90X. There were several things that I needed to modify, but I got through it. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here's the BodyMedia screen shot for the workout. Check out all of those calories and all of that Vigorous Activity! Woot Woot! As soon as I uploaded the Body Media device, I lost all of those vigorous minutes, but I know they were there, so I'm okay with that! I might have a new device to play with soon! 

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