Monday, May 4, 2015

Deschutes River Trail South Canyon Reach

We went back to the Deschutes River Trail on my rest day from Body Beast. We did this section last year in May also. However, we did a longer trip that time since we parked in a different spot. You can read about that one in my post about the Deschutes River Trail. The picture above is from that hike. I didn't take an pictures during this visit. I wanted to push myself to walk the trail without taking breaks unless we needed them. We ended up taking a couple breaks, but not very many. Hubby said that the last time we did this hike, I had to stop a couple times on one of the hills, but this time I didn't stop on any hills. That made me happy! There's not much new to say about this hike though. It's a pretty busy place, but this time, we didn't encounter any bicyclists which was nice. There were a lot of dogs on the trail, but they were all on leashes. 


Here's the screen shot from the MapMyHike website. 

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