Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 74: Beast Cardio

Day 74: Beast Cardio

Day 74 of Body Beast's Lean Program was Beast Cardio. I was supposed to do Beast Abs too, but I'm a slacker. I pretty much wrote off Beast Abs after the first or second week. There's just something about setting up that extra segment. I wish you could make it play both of them without having to go back to the title screen and selecting another workout. There are a bunch of workouts that have that feature although I've never done a Beachbody one with it. Anyway, I'm using that as an excuse. It's not like it's really a big deal to hit a couple buttons on the remote, but after I've already gone through the cool down, I don't really feel like starting another workout. I could do abs first, but then I fear that I wouldn't do the 30 minute workout so I figure I'll take the risk of skipping the shorter one instead of the longer one.

This is the other workout that I really didn't like for the longest time. The lower volume and not looking at the screen helps with this one too. It didn't do so well with the rows on this one. Normally, I'm able to stay on my toes, but I ended up on my knees. I also had issues with the Up Downs. I don't remember what it's called in this one, but you go from elbow plank up to push up position and then down again. I did the whole section on my knees. I do the Plyo Pushups on my knees too, but I've always done that. I can't wait until I'm all recovered and no body parts are sore. I'm curious if I can pull off a single push up on my toes yet! I still have this workout once more before the end of the program, but starting tomorrow, every workout that I do will be the last time I do that one for this round. It's kinda weird! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Woot woot! Three minutes of vigorous activity!!!!!!!! (LOL)

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