Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 69: Beast Cardio

Day 69: Beast Cardio 

Day 69 of the Lean Program for Body Beast was Beast Cardio. I was supposed to do Beast Abs as well, but I haven't done that one since like week one or two. This workout isn't as annoying as it once was. I keep the volume low and try to look at things other than the screen. I did the Up and Downs on my knees this time. I got through the whole minute of the jumping jack legs. I was pretty surprised that I survived that round. My breathing has been really bad lately and today was no exception. I was actually pretty happy with all of the long rest periods with this workout today. Normally they annoy me, but today I needed them. I'm hoping I finally figured out what's causing the coughing and I'll be back to normal sometime this week. I only have this workout twice more before the end of this round! Woot Woot! My arms were pretty sore today and it made the upright rows with the squats kinda hard! Two more weeks and this round is in the books and I can get my T-shirt! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here's the screen shot! I got a whopping 14 minutes of total activity for a 30 minute workout. That's just craziness. 

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