Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 65: Build Legs

Day 65: Build Legs

Day 65 of Body Beast Lean Program was Build Legs. It's been forever since I did this one. I really didn't remember much other than the rear lunges involving the step. I was also thinking that the guy that annoys me was in this one so I was pretty much dreading doing it, but he wasn't in this one. I actually kinda liked the workout! It had some crazy intense moments and I wanted to die at times, but It went by fairly quickly. I even got in the shower almost on time. I had to pause during the lunge section, but that was it. Oh actually, I paused one other time too just to get a bit more of a rest period. That giant set with the Bulgarian Squats is a pretty long set and I just needed a few moments to catch my breath. I'm sitting hear at almost 9:00 at night writing this. I did the workout this morning at 4:30. My glutes and hamstrings are already getting sore! I'm not sure what's going to happen tomorrow. I did go deeper on the squats today and I went up with the weights for each set. I didn't do that when I started these workouts. I just did 10 pounds for pretty much everything, but now I'm doing 5/10/15 for most of the stuff and the squats are like 15/20/25. I think that really makes a different. I kinda wish I had done that from the beginning. Oh well. Live and learn. When I do my next round of Body Beast, I will start with the wight increases for the sets instead of just doing 10 pounds for everything! I'm going to hurt tomorrow! Tomorrow is Bulk Shoulders! I'm curious how that will go since I did Shoulders last Friday and then there was a bit of shoulder stuff in the Total Body workout and then yesterday my shoulders got some work during chest day. I'm not sure why they mixed with the schedule and through shoulders in here, but they did, so I'll do it and we'll see what happens! After Shoulders is back and then arms and then cardio and then week 10 is done!

The Worksheet

Here's the worksheet. I don't have a BodyMedia screen shot because it went wonky. My 45 minute workout showed like an hour and five minutes of total activity. As much as I wish that were true, I know that it's not possible! 

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