Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 53: Beast Cardio

Day 53: Beast Cardio

Day 53 was Beast Cardio. I was supposed to do Beast Abs too, but I skipped Beast Abs. I should be better about doing it, but I just can't convince myself to motivate to do it. I haven't liked this workout since the first time I did it. However, this time wasn't as bad. The workout seemed to go by pretty quickly. I found a new trick to get through the jumping jack section. If I say the alphabet in my head, it seems to by faster. I can't look at the screen while doing it too. My legs were still sore from Bulk Legs which made parts of this workout really annoying, but I got through it. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

It's still crazy to me that a 30 minute cardio workout only had 11 minutes of total activity and only 2 minutes of vigorous activity. 


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