Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 52: Bulk Arms

Day 52: Bulk Arms

Day 52 was Bulk Arms.  I decided to drop some of the weights and work on squeezing at the top. I was hoping to get some DOMS in my biceps and triceps. It didn't work. The workout was still intense, but apparently not intense enough to feel it the next day. My chest wasn't really sore from the day before either. Once I get through this week, I only have four weeks left which means only two more times doing this workout. I kinda like this one though so I'm going to miss it!

The Worksheet

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here's the BodyMedia screen shot in all it's unglory. I'm looking forward to doing a heavy cardio workout again. I miss having big calorie burns. 

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