Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 49: Rest Day

Day 49: Rest Day

Seven weeks of Body Beast are DONE! It's taken a lot longer than seven weeks to do it, but I'm thrilled that 7 weeks is done! I love Rest Day! I get to set my alarm for an hour later! Unless Rest Day is on the weekend, then I just don't have to set the alarm at all! This was a midweek rest day though so an extra hour of sleep! Woot Woot! I so needed the recharge from that hour. I've been dragging lately. I decided to stop juicing this week for financial reasons. I love my green juice, but it was costing me a bloody fortune. I'll get back to juicing eventually, but maybe I won't be drinking 16 ounces of it a day. 

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