Saturday, March 14, 2015

Review of Box 65

What it is and why I get it is a mail order snack subscription service. They mail you healthy fun snacks weekly or every other week. They have fun names and an interesting concoction of ingredients. If you use a referral code, you get your first and fifth boxes free. My code is JAIMIE49P. They have different types of boxese these days. This is a four pack. You don't get to pick which snacks come in your boxes, but you can rate your snacks as Trash, Try, Like or Love. If you Trash it, you'll never get it again. If you Love it, you'll get it more frequently. I love the portion control and convenience of these snacks! You can get a four pack or an eight pack. They also have a big box that doesn't have the portion control like these. I'll write about that after I finish off my big box. 

The Packaging

The four pack comes in a paperboard box. Each snack is in a rigid plastic container with a peel away plastic film lid. The top image changes periodically. 

Dark Rocky Road

This has Belgian dark chocolate buttons, cranberries and pecans. I love the chocolate buttons and the cranberries are good, but I'm just not a fan of pecans. I really only like cashews and peanuts. The rest of the nut family is just ho hum for me. I realize peanuts aren't really a nut, but they are sold in the nut section so I'll call them a nut! 

Key Lime Pie

This has lime raisins, mini meringues, vanilla cookie drops and green raisins. I love this snack. The mini meringues are my favorite part. I just put them on my tongue and suck on them until they dissolve in my mouth. In the beginning, I used to chew them, but they were just okay. Once I discovered how awesome they are to just sit on my tongue, I've never chewed one since! The cookies are yummy and raisins are just awesome. It's a good mix of ingredients. 

Garden of England

This has mini strawberries, soft apple pieces and black currants. I love the mini strawberries. I could eat a whole bag of those alone. The apple pieces are yummy. I never liked dried apple until a few months ago. The black currents are good. It's a nice mix of ingredients and only 70 calories! Awesome!

Mint Choc Chip Gelato

This has dark chocolate buttons, mint flavored raisins, almonds and yogurt seeds. I like the chocolate buttons. I didn't get much mint out of the raisins. The almonds were okay, but again, I'm just not a huge nut fan. I did like the yogurt seeds. I didn't really get this snack though. It was just a crazy mish mash of stuff. 

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