Sunday, March 22, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 18: Rest Day (or rest week and a half)

Day 18: Rest Day

Day 18 of BodyBeast is Rest Day. I love Rest Day. However, my Rest Day turned into a week and a half of rest. I was sick. My greatest fear for the last year has been to get sick. Whenever I'm doing well with working out and losing weight, I get sick and then I never get back into the groove of working out. My husband has been sick for like two months. My co-workers got sick and passed it around the place. I tried to avoid them, but I think I got it from them. I didn't really follow the same pattern as hubby, so I can't blame him. It was just a cold and it wasn't even that bad of a cold. I'll be honest too. I probably would have kept working out through the cold if I hadn't been doing BodyBeast. If it was just cardio, I could have just moved at a slower pace and maybe taken a few breaks, but BodyBeast makes me so sore that I just didn't want to be at work while sore and sick at the same time. I love this program, but it really is torture on my body. Torture in a good way, but still torture. I probably should have just taken one week off from working out, but I couldn't force myself to workout again starting on like a Thursday. However, I should have looked at the calendar better and done the math. If I had picked up on a Friday, I would have been back on schedule. Instead, I waited until a Monday, but that put me with a wacked out schedule according to the workout calendar. I managed to convince myself to workout three times over a seven day period. Now as long as I start up again on Monday, I'll be back on track. I'm not proud of my horrible decisions with this, but I'm optimistic that I will pick up the pieces and move on. 

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