Sunday, March 22, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 21: Build Back and Bis

Day 21: Build Back and Bis

I've made it through three weeks of BodyBeast. It took me FIVE weeks to do it, but whatever. The important thing is that I picked it back up again after getting sick. I'm optimistic that now that I'm caught up to the calendar, I will keep at it every day. This was my last time doing Build Back and Bis until I get to the final phase which is the last three weeks. I've got five weeks of the Bulk phase to get through. I'm looking forward to the Bulk phase. The first phase was five days on, one day off and then five days on again. I worked out six days in a week, but it wan't like 21 Day Fix where Monday was always the same workout. For some reason, this made those first couple weeks just seem like they took forever. I'm not even including what happened after I got sick. I just remember being done with week two thinking I was finishing up week three. When I did 21 Day Fix, it seemed to go by so quickly. The Bulk Phase follows the same format as 21 Day Fix where Monday is the same workout each week. I think I'm going to like that a bit better. At least, I hope I do! I love these workouts, but I'm just not feeling connected to the program as a whole. I upped the weights for this workout in a couple places. I actually went down in one spot too because I read the paper from the previous workout wrong. Oopsy. I love Back and Bicep day! In the next phase, we do a whole day on just the back. The biceps are done on Arm day. That will be an interesting twist. I've always done my back with my biceps since you work your biceps while you're working your back and then you just fry out the biceps when your back is done. This will be new for me! I'm looking forward to the next phase for another reason........The workouts are shorter! It's so hard for me to motivate for a 45 to 50 minute workout. It's weird though because if it was an hour, I would just wake up and do it without sitting on the couch first. 45 to 50 minutes only gives me 10 to 15 minutes of down time before the workout. I prefer like 20 to 30. The next phase workouts are all 35 minutes or less I think. Cardio and Ab Day will be like 40 or a little more since it's two workouts, but the others will be nice and short! I'm hoping that helps with my attitude towards getting up to workout. 

The Worksheet

Here's the worksheet for the day!

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot for the workout. Not sure how I got 11 minutes of activity, but I'll take it! 

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