Saturday, April 4, 2015

Beachbody BodyBeast Day 22: Bulk Chest

Day 22: Bulk Chest

This was the first workout in the new phase. A whole week of new workouts! I like getting new workouts! This was also the first workout in my attempt to go a full week working out after being sick. It was an important day. I was really happy that this one didn't have many push ups in it! This phase has a new type of set. In the first phase, we mainly did a lot of super sets with drop sets and single sets, but this time we had Progressive Sets and Force Sets! It really got things intense. The Progressive Sets have 6 rounds. You start off with 15 reps with low weights. Then you go down in reps and up in weights. So the first three rounds is just like a regular single set. After a break, you start with high weights and low reps and then drop the weights and increase the reps. By the last set, I was fried out! The Force Set was five rounds. Each round was five reps with the same weight. We didn't put the weight down between rounds. By the time I was done with this workout, I was pretty fried. I wasn't really all that sore the next day though. 


Here is the worksheet!

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here's my unimpressive screen shot. I was sweating up a storm. I was breathing heavy and wanted to die, and I got a whopping 3 minutes of total activity. 

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