Saturday, April 4, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 23: Bulk Legs

Day 23: Bulk Legs

This was my first workout with Bulk Legs. I was really worried about this workout. The Build Legs workout has made me crazy sore every time I've done it. It was also miserable to get through. I actually don't mine Bulk Legs though. Build Legs had crazy amounts of lunging, but Build Legs only had one section of lunges. I had to pause so I could do them all though. We had to do front to back lunges! Crazy! We weren't supposed to pause in the middle. I did have to pause in the middle. This section was torture, but the rest of the workout wasn't that bad. The Progressive Set with the Split Squats was HARD! I couldn't keep up with the Alternating Side Squats. It was also very hard. I couldn't do them all. Holding the weights out in front was just awkward and after doing the deadlifts, my back didn't really enjoy it. I didn't pause it to get through them though. I just gave up when they were done with all of the reps. I rolled the night I did this workout and I wasn't sure the next day. I knew that I had worked out, but I wasn't sore. I was more weak than sore. 

The Worksheet

Here is my worksheet. I need to work on my handwriting. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

At least I got 19 minutes of activity in this one. That's almost half of the whole workout. 


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