Sunday, March 22, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 20: Build Legs

Day 20: Build Legs

I gotta say that I'm not going to miss the workout. Well, it's possible that I will since the next phase leg workout could be worse. I could be begging to do this workout again. Not likely though. I read the worksheet for the next phase and I'm looking forward to trying it. This one just has so many stinking lunges. I did this Workout on Wednesday. Today is Sunday. My hamstrings are still tender. I did take a week and a half off from working out while I was sick, but I was hoping that meant that I would go into this well rested so I would get through it easier and be less sore. That did not happen. I didn't do anything different with the weights and this is still kicking my butt! 

The Worksheet

Here's the worksheet

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Look at all those activity minutes! Woot Woot! I think that's more than the cardio workout has! 

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