Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 16: Beast Cardio

Day 16: Beast Cardio

Day 16 was supposed to be Beast Cardio and Beast Abs, but I only did the Cardio. I didn't leave myself enough time to do both workouts and do my juicing and still get to work on time. I decided to skip Abs and do them after work. However, I wasn't in the mood to workout after work so I skipped Abs. I had a really bad sore throat all week and thought I was getting sick. I was in denial and just said it was allergies though. Turns out, I really was getting sick which might explain why leg day was so hard for me. Okay, so the cardio workout is just kinda blah for me. I've done it three times now. I'm not really looking forward to continuing doing it. There's just so much resting between moves. I really should just do the 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix, but I feel like I should do the program as it's laid out, so I can't convince myself to make the switch yet. There's no worksheet for this one. I just used my five pound weights for it. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot 

Here's my rather unimpressive screen shot for the workout. I still think it's weird that a cardio workout would only have 16 minutes of activity and only three minutes of vigorous activity. 

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