Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 9: Beast Cardio and Beast Abs

Day 9: Beast Cardio

Today was Day 9 of Body Beast. It was supposed to be Build: Back and Bis, but I my Bowflex adjustable weights were coming in today, so I swapped Cardio and Abs to today and moved Back and Bis to tomorrow so I could use the new weights! I didn't fry out my back last week and I really wanted to do that this week! I wasn't a big fan of this workout last week and I actually contemplated swapping it out for 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix, but I really want to follow the program the way it's laid out. I didn't remember a lot about the workout so it was almost like doing a new workout. I remembered the plyo lunges and the squats, but that was about all I remembered. I definitely did not remember the Burpees with weights! I also forgot about the mountain climbers! I actually did the mountain climbers with fast feet! I managed to get through the whole jumping section, but I didn't do them in a squatted position. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I onlygot 10 minutes of activity during this workout. That's just not a cardio workout! There were times where we did a minute of work and then had over a minute of rest.

Day 9: Beast Abs

Last week when I did this workout, I didn't feel anything the next day. The moves are challenging, but there is a rest period between each move so it makes the overall workout not too terribly intense. 10 Minute Fix for Abs is a much more intense ab workout. I hurt the day after that one! I still can't get my hips off the floor during the hip up things. I really felt that one when I was doing it.

Body Media Screen Shot

Here's the unimpressive screen shot. 

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