Monday, February 16, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 1 - Build: Chest & Tris

Day 1: Build: Chest & Tris

I started Body Beast today. I put it off for two weeks because I was waiting for our Bowflex weights to show up. They haven't shown up, but I can't put it off anymore. I did this one with my 5 and 10 pound dumbbells and it was still pretty dang intense even with the small weights. I really liked this workout. I liked the instructor and I liked the format. It was nice to get back into a Beachbody program. I like the structure of having a plan laid out for me so I don't have to think about anything. I really like this workout because I don't have to bounce around and sweat my butt off! It's hard core old school lifting! They used several different sized dumbbells, but I just used my 5s and 10s. One of the people in the video used a stability ball, but the others used weight bench. Hubby bought me a weight bench so I'm super excited to finally get to use it! 

The workout has a short warm up and then you get right to the lifting. You can see the different moves we did in the chart down below. You can print off these sheets on Team Beachbody's website. He gives several reminders about writing stuff down. It's important so you can see your progress and so you know next time what worked and what didn't work. 

The workout has a timer counting down the workout. It also has a rep counter. I had to ignore the rep counter and not listen to him counting them down because I was a little slower than them. I caught up during the breaks. There were short breaks between each move and then longer breaks between each set. Have I mentioned how much I liked this workout? It was awesome! Some of the stuff was really hard for me, but I still loved it. I might not be able to move my arms tomorrow, but I'm okay with that. The last two moves were timed instead of a set number of reps. The In and Outs was an ab move. We sat on the bench sideways. We held the back edge with our hands and then stretched our legs out in front of us and then pulled them up to our chest. We did that as many times as we could in 60 seconds. 

There were a lot of push ups in this workout! The first push ups were a decline push up. I can't do push ups on my toes yet so there was no way I was going to put my toes on my bench. I put my knees on my bench and made it through 14 of them, but the last few were pretty wimpy. For the second two sets, I pulled out the aerobic step we have and put my knees on that. It made it a little easier. 

This workout had some moves that I've never done before. There was a close grip press for example. The weights were pushed up against each other as we pressed them up. This felt a lot different than doing a regular chest press. 

Tomorrow is leg day! I'm afraid! I'm still waiting on my stinking Bowflex dumbbells though so I can't add much weight, so it shouldn't be that bad. I've done a lot of leg stuff over the past few months, so I think I can handle it! I hope I can handle it. Okay, I'm scared! 


Here is my worksheet!

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot. It doesn't seem to think I did much, but I know I did. 

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