Friday, January 9, 2015

Review of Box 57

What it is and why is a mail order snack subscription service. They send you super yummy snacks and you give them $6.49. You can get a box each week or every other week. You can get extra boxes too. You can even buy gift cards for other people. I've been with them for about a year now. In the beginning, it was every other week, but now I get one per week plus an extra one every four weeks. I eat one per day when I'm at work. I'm so in love with them that I refused to give them up during my time with the 21 Day Fix! The ones I get aren't really 21 Day Fix approved, but I just don't care! This box was a special box! it had three Flapjacks! This is only the second time this have ever happened for me! 

The Packaging

The snacks come four to a box. They are in a rigid plastic container with a peel away plastic lid. They are all in a paperboard box. 

Cherry Fudge Sundae

This has chocolate fudge, cherries, cherry raisins and almonds. It's a weird combination of ingredients for me. I love the fudge, the cherries and the cherry raisins. The almonds are good, but I'm not a huge fan of almonds, so skipping them would have been fine with me, but they add protein so that helps offset the sugar. I liked it, but I'm not in love with it. 

Summer Berry Flapjack

This is a rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry infused cranberries. I love flapjacks and this is one of my favorites. I just love these things. the texture is awesome. The flavor is awesome. They're just awesome. 

Lemon Drizzle Flapjack

This is a rustic rolled oat flapjack with zesty lemon and yogurt drizzle. I'm not sure why it's called zesty, but it was good. This was a new to me flapjack. The label even says it's new. I really liked it. The lemon flavor was pretty strong. I've never been a huge fan of lemon, but it's growing on me and I really like this one. Flapjack Win! 

Original Three Seed Protein Flapjack

This is a rustic rolled oat flapjack with flaxseed, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. This was a new to me flapjack. It says new on the package too. This was really good, but not in the normal flapjack way. This wasn't sweet like the rest of them, but it had 8 grams of protein so I'm pretty excited about that. Some of that protein was from soy though. I'm trying to avoid soy, so I think I'll have to mark this as trash, but I did like it. There was something crunchy in here that seemed like it had been toasted. It was super yummy.

Nutrition Facts

 Here are the nutritional facts for the snacks. It has the ingredients and the expiration date as well.

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