Sunday, January 25, 2015

Les Mills Combat Mini Round Day 7 - Combat LIve 60 Ultimate Warrior Workout

Day 7: Combat Live 60 Ultimate Warrior Workout

Today was Day 7 of my Les Mills Combat Mini Round. Only one more workout and I've gone through them all. Oddly enough, I left Shock Plyo for the last day, but I was so dead set against ever doing that workout again. I'm doing it though, and it's all my hubby's fault for suggesting that I do whatever was most difficult for me. 

This workout was actually a bit slow paced compared to the workout from yesterday. That one was hard core from the start, but this one started out pretty slow. There was a lot of pulsing in between the punches. There was one section that I did not get through without taking some breaks! However, I got through more of it than I remember ever getting through before. The section starts off with doing split squats (or stationary lunges, whatever you want to call them) We went down three times and then came up and did a front kick. I'm pretty sure that in the past, I couldn't even get through this part, but I got through it! Then we did some lateral lunges, but they were different than normal ones. We pointed our toe out to the side and faced the side as well. We mixed those with the front kicks and stationary lunges. I made it through this section for the most part. I did have some balance issues. The next section killed me! We squatted down a bit on one leg and then the other leg went back and we pulled our knee forward. Then we pulled the knee in twice and then on the third pull we did a roundhouse kick. Well they called it a roundhouse kick, but it wasn't very roundhouses to me. It was more like just a back kick. This section was torture. My balance was all over the place and I couldn't seem to get the rhythm down. My butt got pretty sore too! I didn't remember this section which was weird because I usually remember the stuff that's pretty dang hard and this was pretty dang hard for me. The push ups were hard too, but there weren't very many of them. I was pretty impressed with myself on the ab section. We did some crunches which weren't a big deal, but then we did a thing where our legs went straight up and then we did scissor legs. I'm pretty sure this section was torture before, but it was almost easy this time. 

BodyMedia Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots. I got less vigorous minutes on this workout than the one on the previous day. 


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