Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beachbody PiYo Mini Round Day 3 - Sweat

Day 3: Sweat

Today was Day 3 of my Mini Round of PiYo. After finishing up PiYO the first time around, I intended to do a Les Mills Combat and PiYo Hybrid where I did all of the parts that I liked from each and skipped the parts that I didn't like from each. Sweat was one of the workouts that I planned on skipping from PiYo. I haven't done my 60 day Hybrid schedule yet. I just finished up a mini round of Les Mills Combat on Monday of this week and started a mini round of PiYo on Tuesday. I'm just doing each of the workouts over again one time. Hopefully by the time I'm done with PiYo, our Bowflex dumbbells will be here and I can start Body Beast. I had talked about doing Pump, but I really want to do Body Beast! I'm going off on a tangent now. Back on track........I had planned on skipping Sweat, but while discussing with my husband what I was going to do after 21 Day Fix and before Body Beast, he told me that I should do whatever was most difficult for me. It made sense so I could see how far I've come. I decided that I couldn't skip Les Mills Shock Plyo or Power HIIT and PiYo Sweat or Drench. Those were the hardest things for me so far so I had to do them.

There were two sections in this workout that were originally very difficult for me. The first one was the section was early on in the workout. It's the section with all of the Warrior stuff in it. Some Warrior 1 with some low lunge stuff and Warrior 3 with some high lunge stuff. We also did half moon and some crouching push up stuff. I actually did pretty well with this section this time. It took me longer to get from one position to another than it did her, but I got through it. My balance still sucks for Warrior 3, but I was pretty shocked with how well I did on some of the Runner's Stretch thing that we did. 

The second section that I was never fond of was later in the workout. It was the Split Down Dog section. We held Split Down Dog for what felt like forever and then we went into a Plank position while tapping the raised foot down to the back of the ankle of the other foot and then went back up to Split Down Dog. We did that a few times. Then we did a similar thing but pulled our knee forward instead of tapping the ankles together. Then we went back to Split Down Dog for an eternity. I was having a hard time keeping that leg up in the air! As soon as she had us go back to just regular Down Dog, I just crashed and went right to Child's Pose. I did the same thing with both sides. I usually crashed down to Child's Pose much earlier. I was pretty impressed with how this one went! 

I didn't remember this one having burpees, but it did. I'm not a fan of burpees, but these weren't that bad. There was also a crazy section of sumo squats. I'm pretty sure I dealt with this section better than I did in the past. I didn't do the hops that she was doing, but I didn't need to take breaks from the squats! Woot Woot.

Overall, I'm pretty thrilled with my success on this one. I'm kind of looking forward to doing Drench this weekend! 

If you want to see a play by play of the workout, check out my post from Day 4 of PiYo.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my screen shot! It's not very impressive, but it is what it is. I am a bit bummed though that there isn't a lot of activity points I'll get from these workouts. I've got a Super Bowl party to go to on Sunday and there will be pizza. Unfortunately, I didn't learn about this little dealio until after I had decided to go out to dinner with hubby and have mozzarella sticks. I totally would have skipped those if I had known. It means that I can't use any of my weekly points until Sunday and I need to have some back up activity points in case I can't control myself with the pizza. One-twelfth of the pizza (the suggested serving size) is 9 points! Who cuts a pizza into 12 slices? One-eighth of the pizza is 13.5 points. I get 40 points in a day! I currently have 30 weekly points, so I can have two slices as long as I don't go over my daily points between now and then. I decided to skip my snacks today and tomorrow so I don't risk going over my daily points. 

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