Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beachbody PiYo Mini Round Day 2 - Define: Upper Body

Day 2: Define: Lower Body

Yesterday, was Day 2 of my mini round of PiYo. It was Define: Upper Body. I really didn't remember much from this workout. It was only in the first couple weeks of PiYo and I didn't hate anything in it so I forgot most of it. Apparently, I only remember the stuff that sucks. 

I did better with the crouching crow push up things. I finally figured out how to do the tricep pushups. She always talked about keeping your elbows by your rip cage and not letting them flare out. I never was able to do them this way. This time, it worked out though. I'm not sure what I did differently or if I just got stronger in certain places so I was able to actually lower myself down and feel it in my triceps. I really liked the move where we rolled back and then forward and stopped ourselves before our feet hit the floor. This workout actually made  my left bicep sore the next day. I was pretty surprised by that. You can read a play by play of this workout on my post about PiYo Day 3. This workout has no warm up, but you don't really need one. It's filmed as if you are supposed to do Define: Lower Body and Define: Upper Body on the same day, but they are separate on the calendar. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my unimpressive screen shot. 

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