Saturday, January 3, 2015

Beachbody 21 Day Fix Day 5 Cardio Fix

Day 5: Cardio Fix

I gotta say that I was pretty scared over this one because I was so sore for so long from the first cardio workout, but this was a bit different than that one. This one did not have any weights in it. This one was back to the normal format of 4 rounds with 2 exercises each. Each exercise was 60 seconds and we had about 15 seconds of rest between them. This workout didn't need a mat or weights.

The warm up was the same as the first three workouts. Jogging in place, jumping jacks, windmills, side bend and toe touches.  We did all of those twice. 

The first round was Cross Jacks. I've done the leg part of this with Les Mills Combat. I don't remember what our arms did in that though. These started out out to the side and then crossed in front of us. I couldn't do this for the full 60 seconds and ended up doing the modified version. The arms are the same, but the legs are alternately stepped across the front. The second move was High Knees. I was able to do these for the full 60 seconds, but my hamstrings felt it! I think my calves did as well. My knees didn't go high, but they did go up. Then we repeated these two moves.

Round 2 was Skater Jumps. I'm just not a fan of skater jumps. I didn't like them in Les Mills Combat, I didn't like them in PiYo and I don't like them in this. Then we did Mountain Climbers. Another move that I'm just not a fan of. I started the skater jumps with the full version, but I'm pretty sure I slowed down by the end of the round. I started the Mountain Climbers as the modified version. I suck at Mountain Climbers so so bad. I ended up making it even more modified by the end. I ended up down on my knees. The modifier didn't even do them on her knees. I felt like such a wimp. Then we repeated those.

Round 3 was reverse lunges. I hated lunges for the longest time. Hated hated hated lunges, but since I did PiYo and started foam rolling, I no longer hate them. Reverse lunges are the best too. I can do those way better than other lunges. I let me knee go all the way down to the floor, but I think I was supposed to just hover. Oopsy. Then we did Burpees! I still hate Burpees. I didn't do the jump she had them do. I did put my hands up in the air. She had someone do push ups with them. I didn't even bother trying that. I did jump my feet back though instead of the modified version. Then we repeated those. 

Round 4 was lateral squats. These were fun. Not. I've done these with a trainer before. They are rough! We squatted down and stayed there as we took to big steps to the right and then back to the left. Then it was Oblique Knee Pulls. We put our weight on one leg and raised up the opposite knee while pulling down an elbow and crunching down. Good times. Then we repeated those.

Then we had a bonus round! It was called Down and Ups. We were in Push Up position. Then we went to elbow plank and then back up. We kept doing that for 30 seconds. Then the left hand led. I did these on my knees and they were still pretty intense. Some moves in this workout make me feel all badass because I don't have to do the modified versions and then others make me feel like a big ole wimpola. 

Then we did a 2 minute cool down. It was some quick stretches like the first three workouts. 

Overall, I like this workout. It was cardio, but I like the format. I know how long I have to do something and I know how long I get to rest. I've often thought that I couldn't handle T25, but I think the format is very similar to this and I really like this, so maybe I can do T25. It's something I will have to do some research on. It's not really an issue right now since I have Pump and Tai Cheng to do first. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Check out all of those activity minutes! Plus I got 9 minutes of vigorous activity. Woot Woot! 

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