Tuesday, January 6, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 9 Food

Day 9 Food

I'm happy to say that as of Day 9, I'm still pretty much on track with the diet for 21 Day Fix. I was hungry today though and ate an extra snack, so that was two snacks today that were not part of the plan. I allow myself one Graze.com snack every day, but today it was two. 

Breakfast: Greek yogurt (homemade) with Shakeology. 2 red

Cheat snacks: Triple Berry Smoothie from Graze.com (it's a bunch of dried fruit) and a protein flapjack from Graze.com.

AM Snack: 2 Hard boiled eggs and an apple: 1 red, 2 purple

Lunch: Giant salad with some raisins and homemade dressing plus a chicken breast. 1 red, 4 green, 1 orange

PM Snack: 2 banana, raisin, oatmeal cookies and my green juice. 4 green, 1/2 purple, 1 yellow

Dinner: Taco turkey meat, with corn, red beans, and cheese. 2 red, 3 yellow, 1 blue

Dessert: 6 teaspoons peanut butter and Blueberry Frozen Yogurt (homemade). 6 teaspoons, 1/2 purple, 1/2 red


Green 7 - Red 6 - Yellow 4 - Purple 3 - Blue 1 - Orange 1 - Teaspoons 6

I'm thinking that I need to get some more food in me in the morning. I'm getting hungry in the mornings and that needs to stop. It seems like I'm eating more food for dinner and less for breakfast even though I feel like all I do is eat from 6:00 AM until 11:30. I've got my Shakeology and yogurt, then my Graze.com snack, then my eggs and apple and then my lunch. I might start making a peanut butter sandwich in the morning. I do like eating my peanut butter after dinner and I'd have to reduce my yellow at dinner to do it, but I think I need to do something. This morning hunger just isn't working for me. 

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