Monday, January 5, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 8 Total Body Cardio Fix

Day 8: Total Body Cardio Fix

This was my first repeat workout. I did this last Monday for the first time. If you want a play by play, check out my 21 Day Fix Day 1 workout post

Last week when I did this workout, my quads hurt for about four days! It was crazy insane! I'm hoping not to relive that experience this time. I did the first round of surrenders with the weights and the second round without the weights. About halfway through this workout, I was thinking that my shoulders were doing so well. I felt really strong. I was thinking that the next time I would go up to my 10 pounds weights. And then..............I got to the knee raise things with the weights. Then I decided that I was right where I needed to be. I had to skip a couple reps with my arms for that section. I kept the feet going though. I also had to modify the cross country skiing thing. The first round, I started off by doing the jump, but then I paused before I jumped my feet back the other day. That last about 30 seconds and then I just went back to stepping back. The second round, my feet just started the jumping part without the pause. That lasted 20 seconds. I was hoping for longer on that one, but I just couldn't breathe. One awesome thing about 21 Day Fix is that it's so short. I only have to do this workout once more before my round is over. The downside is that since I only do each workout three times, it's really hard to master it. The first workout, you have to pace yourself because you're not really sure what is coming. The second workout you know what's coming so you can push a little harder where you think you can. Then the third workout is your last chance to nail it before you're done. 

I still like this workout. I actually think that I will do another round of 21 Day Fix before I do another round of PiYo or Les Mills Combat. I love that it's such a short program. Maybe I will do a month long thing with PiYo and Les Mills Combat instead of doing a two month thing like I had planned. That sounds like a grand idea to me! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

My overall activity minutes went down by 4, but my vigorous minutes went up by 2. How weird is that? 

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