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21 Day Fix Day 7 Yoga Fix

Day 7 Yoga Fix

I was looking forward to today, but also kind of dreading today. I love yoga. It's my new obsession, but I like Yoga with an instructor who lives and breathes yoga as part of their culture. I like nice calm yoga and I had this weird feeling that this was going to be like a Jillian Michaels yoga for weightloss type thing. I wasn't really in the mood for crazy yoga. I was pleasantly surprised. It was still weird for me, but it was pretty laid back. The music was a bit weird though. There were animal noises during certain parts. 

This workout didn't follow the typical pattern of warm up, workout, cool down. It's yoga so there's no real need for a warm up or a cool down. The workout didn't have the same 60 seconds work and 20 seconds of rest either, but it's Yoga so you wouldn't really do that. 

We started out in Mountain Pose and did some deep breathing for about 20 seconds. Then we moved onto Sun Salutations. There was a little bit of forward folding with that and then we stepped back to Plank position, went down to a Chataranga (one day I'll learn how to spell that), then did Up Dog and finally Down Dog. We went through the series three times. We held the Down Dog Pose the longest. 

For Series 1 we started off with Chair Pose. We held it about 15 seconds. Then we did the Sun Salutation again. Then we did Crescent Pose. I hadn't done this one before. It's basically Warrior 1, but the back foot is facing forward. Then we went through the Vinyasa again to get set up for transitioning to Crescent on the other side. Then we went through the Vinyasa again. More Chair Pose, but this one was pretty short. Then another Sun Salutation. Then we transitioned into Warrior 1 which we held and then moved to Warrior 2 and then moved to Angle Pose, back to Warrior 2, back to Warrior 1 and then the Vinyasa again. Which set up doing that series on the other side. We ended with Chair. At some point during this section, I got to wondering how this was supposed to be active recovery when we were doing so many strength poses. She talked about stretching out the whole body, but this stuff was just work! I love Yoga and I liked doing it, but it was work! My muscles are pretty weak after this week. 

The next series was balance poses. We balanced on one leg and held our hands in prayer position. The leg that was up was supposed to have the foot down by the other ankle, up by the knee or bent out in front of us like a knee raise that just never went down. We did each side for about 30 seconds. Then we did Tree Pose for about 30 seconds on each side. I fell out of both of these poses a lot, but it wasn't as bad as it was the first time I did Tree. I had to use a wall then and I still fell out.  Then we went into some Forward Bends. We grabbed our toes and pulled and we also put out hands under our feet for a few seconds. That was weird for me. It wasn't very comfy either. Then we did Triangle Pose. We did 30 seconds on each side. 

The third series started off with another Sun Salutation. Then we went down into Modified Cobra. We did the Modified Cobra twice and rested our head one one side of the face each time. It was supposed to stretch out our necks. Then we did a full Superman twice and rested our head on the side between each. Then we did Bow Pose. Fortunately, we didn't hold it long because I'm just not good at Bow. Child's Pose came next. Then we stuck an arm under the other one to stretch out our shoulders. I'm getting much more flexible in this little manuever. Then we did 3 Cat Cows. I like these! Then we did Bird Dog. The first time I did these, I fell all over the place, but today, I was able to hold the first side for the whole time. I think it was about 30 seconds. We did each side twice. I was pretty happy with my results on this one! Then more Child's Pose. 

Then we went into more stretching. We started with a Runner Stretch,, then we did a Glute stretch with one ankle up on the opposite knee. We moved into a twist and then did the same stuff on the other leg.These felt amazing! Then we did a Butterfly (cobbler's pose with a forward fold). Then we moved onto a straddle stretch. First we folded forward and then we folded to each leg. I'm getting more reach on these. Then we did the Supine Twist. I love these. We laid on our backs and pulled our knees up to our chests hen we laid our knees down to the side. My back cracked again doing this. I love it when my back cracks doing that one! Then we did Corpse Pose. Then we sat up into a cross legged position so she could talk and then we did the customary Namaste. 

Overall, it was a decent yoga workout. It's not something that I would pull out if I was in the mood for yoga that day, but it won't annoy me to do it while on the 21 Day Fix. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I wasn't expecting much since it's Yoga and I never show a good calorie burn for Yoga. I was surprised that it counted as a minute of activity. It would have been nice to get one more calorie out of it though for a nice round 100. Oh well.

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