Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review of Box 53

What it is and why I get them is a mail order snack subscription service. Each box has four perfectly portioned snacks and costs $6.49 which includes shipping. There are two different types of boxes that you can get. One type is stuff with 150 calories or less and the other can have more calories. I get the regular box, but a lot of my snacks are still under 150 calories. These snacks are uber amazing and the people who work for the company are awesome too. The company started in England, but then the company started up operations in the USA as well. I'm pretty thrilled with their choice. The boxes come weekly or every other week. If you're high maintenance like me, you can email them and they'll set up a special arrangement for you. I have one box every week and one box every four weeks. There are five work days in a week, so four snacks just wasn't working for me. 

The Packaging

This is a special design on the exterior of the box for Christmas. Normally, it's just a plain cardboard box. The interior image changes around a bit. I haven't seen this one before, so it's either new or it's just around for the holidays. The snacks come in rigid plastic containers with peel away plastic lids. They are wrapped up in this paperboard box. 

Hot Cross Yum

This has orange raisins, sponge pieces and cinnamon honey almonds. I don't really get an orange flavor from the raisins, but the snack is pretty yummy. I love the cinnamon honey almonds. The sponge pieces are yummy too. It makes me feel like I'm eating cookies, but this snack doesn't have enough calories in it for it to be bad for me. 

Honeycomb Flapjack

This is a rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle. I love the flapjacks! They are the perfect size. They are more calories than I should eat in a snack, but they are so yummy that I just don't care. I don't get them very often so I'm not worried about the calories. 

Eleanor's Apple Crumble

This has apple, raisins and cinnamon honey almonds. Again with the cinnamon honey almonds. They are pretty yummy.When I first started getting these snacks, I didn't like the dried apples, but they did something or my taste buds changed because they seem very sweet now which makes them yummy.

Apple Cosmo

This has apple, lime raisins and cranberries. This snack is growing on me. Like I mentioned above, the apples are a lot better than in the beginning. 

Nutrition Facts

Here are the nutrition facts for the snacks. You can see the ingredients on each of them as well. It also has an expiration date for each snack. 

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