Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 41: Cardio Sculpt KIT Kickboxing Interval Training

Day 41: Cardio Sculpt KIT Kickboxing Interval Training 

I was pretty sore in my back and triceps, but I wanted to workout. It needed to be something fun though since I wasn't in the mood for a workout. I tried Cardio Sculpt Box and Burn the day before and I liked the layout, so I picked KIT Kickboxing Interval Training. I wasn't able to finish the Box and Burn workout. It died mid workout and then died in the same spot when I reset it. Fortunately, it didn't die during KIT Kickboxing Interval Training. 

This workout started out with a warm up that involved a bunch of bouncing around. We started off with jogging and then move to side steps, but they weren't really steps. They were more of a bounce left and right. Then we did a Boxer Squat. This was was a shuffle to the right and then a squat followed by a shuffle to the left and a squat. Then we did some upper cuts followed by front kicks. With the warmup over, we moved on to the squat challenge. We were supposed to do as many squats as we could in 60 seconds. I didn't actually count though.

The workout was made up of five rounds with a minute to rest between each round. After the last round there was a mini blast as well. Then we did a cool down and moved on with life.

The first round started with side steps and punches. We started off with side steps and then the turned more into just a wide stance toe tap with a punch. We alternated them. Then we did more squats. Woot Woot. We then did what the call Rolling Duck. We were in a standing position and then squatted down and shifted our weight to the other side and stood up again. It was similar to ducking down under a rope and coming up on the other side. We then went back down and then came up on the other side. Then we did Muay Thai Knees. This was just a knee lift while bringing our hands down to the knee. Not really sure why we have such a fun name for it. Then we did side steps while we recovered.

The next round started with Jab Cross. We jabbed to the right three times and then crossed with the left. Then we jabbed left three times and crossed with the right. We alternated like this for a minute. More Muay Thai Knees. Then we did Judi Jacks. These were just jumping jacks. I did a minute of jumping jacks. Woot Woot. Then we did Punch Jacks. Okay so this was kinda of like a lateral lunge while reaching one of our hands down to the floor. So the arm on the same side as the leg that went sideways went down towards the opposite foot. They kinda jumped with it. I just did it without the impact. More side steps for recovery

The next round started with Kick Outs which were really just side kicks. We did one side first and then after about 30 seconds, we switched to the other side. Then we did an oblique crunch. We did a knee raise to the side and pulled our arm down to that knee. Then we did "Punches." We squatted down into a sumo squat and then just alternated jabs to the front. More step tap recovery.

The next round started with Side Punches. We jabbed out to the side on one side for 30 seconds and then the other side for 30 seconds. Then we did Jab and Cross, but it was a jab, cross, jab, knee lift. She said goofy little chants during this like I like Cheesecake, but I choose asparagus. Then more Side Punches and then more Jab and Cross with goofy chants. More step tap for recovery.

The next round was Swing Down Knees. We alternated knee lifts as we swung our arms down from above our heads. Then we changed the knees to kicks. Then we did a Jumping Knee Kick. The modifier just did a knee lift on one leg and a kick on the other. I tried to do the jump, but my jumps were pretty wimpy. Then we did Cross Uppercuts. We did a cross with each hand and then an uppercut with each hand. Her punches are pretty goofy looking, but I tried to do them more like normal punches. More Jumping Knee Kicks. Then another round of rest.

The Mini Blast started with Kick Backs. It was basically a back kick. Then we did Tuck Jumps. I just did alternating knee lifts. Tuck Jumps involved Jumping which is something I try to avoid. More Kick Backs and more Tuck Jumps.

Then we did some cool down stuff. Just the standard stretchy type stuff.

Overall, I liked the workout. I like the instructor and I got a good burn. I wasn't nearly as sore by the end as when I had started. It was hard to get motivated to get up and do it, but I was happy that I did. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here it is! Look at all of that activity! Woot Woot! 

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