Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 42: DB15 Inferno

Day 42: DB15 Inferno

I took a rest day yesterday, but my medicine balls and stability ball from the Beachbody sale showed up, so today I had to do a workout! My back isn't nearly as sore as it was and I think once the last remaining bit of bruising and DOMS goes away, I'm pretty sure my back will feel amazing from all of my tennis ball rolling. It was pretty torturous for a bit, but I think it will turn out to have been a good idea. I might just have to do it again too. 

So DB15 Inferno was the last of the DB15 series for me to do. I hadn't done it yet because I didn't have a stability ball, but now I have one! I think my ball is a smidge too small, but I still love it! I'm using it as my computer chair to type this out. I'm not really finding that it's improving my posture, but it is giving me a nice core workout. 

So the workout started out with a short warm up which involved some jogging and some other bouncy stuff. Then we got into the workout. It was three moves that we did three times. Each move lasted a minute and then we moved to the next. There were no rest periods between rounds. It was nine minutes straight. We did Push up Pikes on the ball. Our feet were up on the ball and our hands on the floor. We did a push up and then we stuck our butts in the air for a pike. Okay, they did a push up and a pike. I did half of a push up and then I pulled my knees to my chest and pushed them back out before doing another push up. Interestingly enough, when I looked up at the modifier, he was doing the same thing. I'm such a good modifier. Then we did lateral and rear lunges with a dumbbell. I used a five pound dumbbell. We put the weight up over our heads. When we lunged to the side, we pulled it down straight in front of us. Then we stoood back up and put the weight up over our heads. Then we lunged back and brought the weight down in front again. We went back and forth doing side and rear lunges. Then we did what they called Thrusters. It was kinda like a burpee, but not all the way. We got into Plank position and then jumped our feet forward like we were going to do a burpee and then we got up into a squat position and lifted our chests up, but didn't stand up and do a jump like a normal burpee. Then we went back down. We did all of those again twice more and then went into a cool down. It was standard stretching stuff. 

That was the workout. I wasn't a huge fan. Doing moves on a balance ball is sooooo hard! I hate burpees too. I'm glad it was short, but it didn't make me want to do Inferno. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

It's kinda weird that a program called Inferno only got me 4 minutes of activity and no minutes of vigorous activity. 

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