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21 Day Fix Day 3 Lower Fix

Day 3 Lower Fix

Today was Lower Fix. Last night, I was so sore that I was contemplating skipping today and turning it into a rest day. The plan would then be to double up on Saturday. I really didn't think I'd be able to move this morning. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I figured I could always go easier during the workout if my muscles didn't warm up, but I just couldn't skip the workout. When I start these BeachBody programs, I really try to stick with the layout that they have set up. I screwed around a little with PiYo, but I wasn't really happy about doing that. I decided to do the workout this morning! My back, chest and shoulders were a little sore today, but not crazy like I thought they would be.

The workout has the same warm up as the previous two workouts. We started off with jogging in place, then jumping jacks, windmills, side bends and toe touches. Then we repeated the whole series.

The workout was made up of four rounds. Each round had four exercises. Each exercise lasted 60 seconds and there was a 15 second break between exercises. There was a bonus round at the end of the workout with one more move that we did on each side for 60 seconds. Then we did the cool down.

The workout used two sets of weights. I used 10 pounds as my heavy weights and 5 pounds for my lighter weights. I honestly don't remember using the light weights at all in this. Maybe they were just there so we could grab them if we got too tired with the heavy weights.

Round 1 Side Lunge to Back Lunge on the right side, Squat to Knee Raise, Side Lunge to Back Lunge on the left side, and Squat to Knee Raise. The side lunge to back lunge was a lateral lunge and then the same leg went back into a standard lunge. We did one side for the whole 60 seconds. These were done with the heavy weights. The squats to knee raise alternated legs and were done with the heavy weights as well. The lunges were a bit rough for me since my quads hurt so stinking bad and it was the first move, but the squats to knee raises weren't that bad.

Round 2 Curtsy Lunges and Calf Raises. Then we repeated them both. For the Curtsy Lunges we alternated sides. I'm not very good with curtsy lunges. I need to make a video so I know how far my legs are going. She talked about not opening up your hip. I was able to get super high on my calf raises. I was pretty impressed with myself on those! The last 10 seconds of the calf raise segments was a 10 second hold up. We did both of these with the heavy weights.

Round 3 Static Split Squats on the right side, Sumo Squats, Static Split Squats on the left side. Sumo Squats. We did both of these with the heavy weights. So, I've always called the Static Split Squats Stationary Lunges. I guess I've been wrong all my life, but I'm pretty sure that Leslie Sansone has called them lunges too. I had to take breaks during the those. The Sumo Squats were't bad though. The sumos had a 10 second hold at the end of each set.

Round 4 was on the floor! We did a Seated Inner Thigh Lift and a Seated Quad Raise. Then we redid them. We did 30 seconds on each side and then switched for each set. The inner thigh lift was one I had never done until today. We had one leg bent in front of us and the other one was stretched straight out. We tilted the foot out and then lifted the leg as we brought the opposite hand down to meet it. I felt rather goofy. The Quad raise was in the same position, but the foot was straight up. The leg went up and then down to about an inch over the floor, then it went out and then back in before we repeated it. 

The bonus exercise was Fire Hydrants Leg Extensions. We were on all fours and then lifted up one leg out to the side so the leg was parallel to the floor. Then we pushed the foot back. I did okay with the right side. At the 30 second mark, I needed a break, but on the left side, I needed a break like every 10 seconds. 

The cool down was some quick stretching. I didn't feel stretched out at all. It's funny that I never liked the stretching after workouts, but now that I've done yoga, I love the stretch. I could sit there and stretch for like 10 minutes after the workout and not feel stretched enough. I was pretty surprised with how deep I was able to get into the straddle stretch stuff. I'm getting so limber! Woot woot! 

Overall, I liked the workout. I'm looking forward to doing it while not in crazy amounts of pain! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot 

Here is my screen shot! I actually got a minute of vigorous activity! 

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video!

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