Friday, November 28, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 38: Yoga Hip Flow

Day 38: Yoga Hip Flow

I think it's been nearly a week since I've done Yoga! It felt so good to get back to it. After my Daily Burn trial is over, I will need to find a way to work Yoga into my weekly routine. I'm not really sure how yet. I do know that the library has a bunch of Yoga videos, but I'm not sure how to find the time for it since I'll be doing 21 Day Fix and then Pump. I'll figure it out.

This workout doesn't have a fast forward option so I won't be doing a play by play. It's listed as Average as far as the skill level goes. I found some of it to be really hard, but other parts to be really easy. I had to use my Yoga strapped for a couple of the stretches and I needed my Yoga block to do Pigeon. She really emphasizes doing Pigeon correctly and I just can't get my front knee to point to the side instead of to the front. I love my corn block, but sitting on those things is not comfy. I might get a foam block just so it's more comfy. 

The workout started off with some stretching. Then we got into the workout. I honestly can't remember all of the details, but this thing went super fast. There wasn't anything that I hated. There was some Down Dog, Up Dog, Vinyasa, Warrior 2, Lizard and some other stuff. I wish I could remember more of this workout. I just remember liking it! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is the screen shot from the workout. Not very impressive. I know. 

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