Thursday, November 27, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 38: Intelliburn Total Kettlebell Circuit

Day 38: Intelliburn Total Kettlebell Circuit

I love Kettlebells and I really like Daily Burn, but I'm not a huge fan of the Kettlebell program because they are 51 minute workouts with 20 minutes of kettlebells. I've been wanting a 30ish minute program. I'm okay with longer as long as it's mainly kettlebells. I found what I was looking for in Intelliburn Total Kettlebell Circuit! This has the same instructor as the kettlebell program. I really like his style. He's pretty laid back and focuses on form. He doesn't get in your face and push you to move super fast while throwing around a kettlebell. The format is like all the other Daily Burn workouts. There was a timer in the lower right that ticked down the time left in the workout and a bar on the bottom that filled up as we did each move. When the bar was full, we moved on. 

We had a short warm up that included the Rocky Bounce, neck stretches, shoulder rolls, squats, goblet squats using the kettlebell, and halos using the kettlebells. I like this better than the Kettlebell program already. I got to use the bell in the warm up! SWEET! 

Then we went to the Challenge for the workout. This challenge was pushups. We were supposed to do as many push ups as possible in 60 seconds. Only the push ups with good form were to count. I didn't actually count my push ups. I need to work more on push ups. During Les Mills Combat, I thought I was going to get a full push up before I was done. I was rocking those knee push ups. I tried after I was done, but didn't get down very far. During PiYo, I thought I was going to get a full push up on my toes before I was done. I did them on my toes, but I didn't go down very far. I didn't get that full push up on my toes all the way to the ground. I was getting better though. During this push up challenge, I did them on my knees and by the end of the 60 seconds, I wanted to die! Maybe my shoulders are weak from something else I've done recently. I'm not sure. I just know that it was a rough 60 seconds and I was on my knees! They should have been easy! 

The workout consisted of three rounds. Each round had moves and we did each move for 30 seconds. Between rounds, we had a rest period. The first move was a Pullover Crunch. We were on our backs with our knees bent and our feet flat in front of us. We had a kettlebell on the floor above our heads. We grabbed the bell and brought it towards our legs as we crunched up. I didn't get much of a crunch, but I went as high as I could. Two of the people in the video came all the way up like a sit up. Wowzers!

Then we got on one knee and did a single arm swing. We did each arm for 30 seconds. After that, we got back up on our feet and did squats. We alternated catch squats and goblet squats. I kinda like these. Then we did the Yaw Press. If you're not sure what that is, you should Google it because I can't really describe it. It was similar to a military press using a dumbbell, but there was a upper body twist involved. Then we did the two arm swing. Then it was time to rest and do it all over again.

The cool down was several yoga poses including Eagle Arms, Table, Down Dog and Child's Pose.

I really liked this workout. It kicked my butt! I used a 15 pound kettlebell. It might have been a bad idea to go that heavy. He didn't say what weights they were using. The female in the group looked like hers was really small, but some of those styles of kettlebells can be pretty heavy in a small package. 

I don't plan on doing the entire Intelliburn series. I just wanted to do this one because it was kettlebells and I love kettlebells. I still have to finish up the yoga stuff and possibly do the Let's Move series if there's time. I haven't decided on that one yet though. It's all dance stuff, but I did like the 15 minute one. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I'm pretty surprised with how low my calorie burn shows on here. They had it listed with over 700 calories. I don't believe their estimate though. That's a bit high in my uneducated opinion. I think they use the same equation as the MapMyHike people who think I burn like 3000 calories by walking a couple miles. 

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