Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 37: DB15 Let's Move and DB15 Breakin'

Day 37: DB15 Let's Move

I don't do well with dance workouts, but I had decided to do the DB15 workouts and there were two of them in this 7 workout series. I will admit that this was the best dance workout I have ever done. Most dance workouts have a lot of complicate choreography, but this was very simple. Instead of learning a few moves and then building on it, we just did one move at a time. We never strung anything together. The instructor wasn't annoying either. This workout was supposed to take us around the world of dance. We did a little bit from several different styles. Based on this workout, I would try the Let's Move series with this instructor. I don't think I have time to get through them all before my trial is over so it might not happen.

Ok the workout.........We started off with a warm up that included the Slide which was basically a step tap with some groove to it, the Side Step Clap which was more of a grapevine with a clap at the end and Hip Circles. 

The workout started off with Bollywood. We did Snake Hands Limp. Not even going to try and describe it. The Coin Pass came next. It was followed by Finger Cymbal Hops. Then we moved to Salsa and started with the Shimmy and did Body Twists. Then we moved onto "Club" and did the Fist Pump Hops, Shoulder Shifts and Pony. Then we moved on to African and did Fast Feet, Step Back Swing Back and African Stomp. Then we moved on to the Caribbean and did Island Gallop, Run and Stops, and Grandfather Clock Swings. Then we moved to the 90s and did Hip Thrusts and Kid n' Play, Then we moved to the cool down. This workout didn't have the Challenge in it like many of the others had. 

I liked this workout even though I have no rhythm! 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I got quite the calorie burn on this bad boy. I got 12 minutes of vigorous activity in only 15 minutes! The whole workout counted as activity! Woot Woot!

DB15 Breakin'

I did a second dance workout. I'm not sure why I was in the mood to torture myself so much. I liked it though kinda. It was similar to the Let's Move workout where we did one move for so many seconds and then moved on to another. No complicated choreography and no building on stuff. Just one move at a time. They weren't always the easiest moves, but it was one move at a time. I can handle one move at a time.

We started off with a warm up that included Wrist Circles, Jogging, Cross Step, Hula Hips and Arm Circles. The workout started off with the Hook. We were done in a plank position. We brought our right foot across to the left in front of the left foot. We then brought the left foot up to hook the right calf. Then we reset and did the same thing with the other leg. I didn't get a good range of motion on these. 

Then we did the Shuffle Booty Pop. We shuffled to the side and then jumped up and turned to the side and twerked. I twerked. It was not pretty, but I did it! 

Then we did the 6-Step with a Push Up. I can't describe this and I couldn't really do it either. We were supposed to face forward and somehow turn our body around and then still be facing forward. Then we did a push up. I thought I put my feet in all the right places, but I ended up facing the wrong wall every time I was done with one rep. Oopsy.

Next was the Pogo Step. We bounced to the side as if we were on pogo sticks and then we did a heel tap. Then we bounced the other way. 

Then we did a Squat Kick Out. We were squatting down in like a rock bottom squat. Then we shifted our weight to one side and put our hand on the ground. Then we kicked both legs out to the other side in almost a side plank position. Oh fun! NOT!

Then we did something they call the Combo. It was kind of a side step, but the foot came out forward in a toe tap kind of thing and we got our arms involved in some funky moves. 

The Challenge was the Sailor. We were in a squat position and then we came up and did a salute. I can't really explain it, but it was kinda fun. 

Then we did the cool down which was mainly deep breathing. 

I'm intrigued by this workout, but I don't think I would try the whole series because I just suck at this. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here are the stats! I got two minutes of vigorous activity! I'm kinda surprised about that!

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