Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 36: DB15 MMA and DB15 Core

Day 36: DB15 MMA

I had planned on doing four of these DB15 workouts in one day and slamming out this series super fast, but I've had some procrastination issues. I paddiddled on the computer too long and only had time for two before work! 

I picked MMA first today. I was really excited to try this one. I really like kickboxing workouts and I loved Les Mills Combat. It didn't turn out to be everything I had hoped for and more though. The instructor just didn't come off as someone who has done MMA. She was a fine instructor, but she felt like a fitness instructor doing MMA. When I did Les Mills Combat, I didn't feel like I was doing a workout. 

Okay, so the workout.......We started off with a short warm up that included Step Touch, Knee Lifts, Squats, Knee Lift Squats, Boxer Shuffle and Jump Rope. Then we moved into the workout. We started off with a jab cross combo, We did it slow a couple times and then faster. Then we added a front kick to it. Then we did the other side.

Then we did a jamb cross combo with an evasive move and then a bob. Then we did it on the other side. Then we did an uppercut and a hook on the same arm followed by a knee and then a plank. Then we did a jab with a kick to the front. It wasn't a front kick. We kinda turned our hip forward and did a side kick. 

Then we did a Challenge. Apparently, the DB15 workouts are supposed to have a challenge, but the Yoga one didn't. This challenge was 10 jabs and then we dropped down to a plank. I'm not a huge of this little challenge, but I got through it. 

Then we did some deep breathing and stretching and we were done! 

I got a good calorie burn for such a small workout.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here it is! My screen shot for the workout. I got a lot of steps! Most of the workout counted as activity and that just hasn't been normal lately. 

DB15 Core

My second workout of the day was DB15 Core. I'm not sure why I picked this one. It just called out to me so I went with it. 

We started off with a warm up that included jogging, skipping and torso twists. Then we got into the workout.

We started with Rocking Plank Crunches. We were in a Plank position and then shifted our weight forward and then back. It was weird. I hadn't done anything quite like this one before. Then we did an Extended Plank Hold. We got into a Plank position and stretched our arms out a few inches and pushed our heels back. We then held that position. Then we did Alternating Side Planks. I didn't realize we were alternating at first. I stayed on one side until I lost it and then realized that they were alternating. Then we did a Reverse Plank. I've never done one of these before! We sat down with our legs out in front of us and our hands on the floor next to us and then we lifted our butts up off the ground. We had a similar form as a regular plank, but we were facing the other way. This was HARD! 

Then we did Torso Twist Lunges. I've never done well with these. We had a dumbbell in our hands out stretched in front of us. We lunged back and then twisted our upper body towards the front leg. Then we did a Twisting Hop Lunge. I can't really describe this, but we did a lateral lunge as we twisted the dumbbell around to the bent leg. We then came up into a hop on one leg with our hands going up over our heads. Then we did Plie Squat Crunches. We held a sumo squat position with a dumbbell over our heads. We then crunched down to the side. We alternated like that.  

Then we got down on the mat and did Oblique Twist Crunches. We were on our backs with our knees bent and our feet on the floor. We laid our knees down to one side and crunched up. We then did the other side. Then we did a Twisting Leg Raise. We put our legs up in the air, lifted our butts up off the ground, shifted our butts to the left then lowered our legs down and lifted them up. Then we did it again and shifted to the right. We alternated like this. Then we did Hollow Man Crunches. These were hard too. We were flat on our backs with our hands stretched out over our heads. Then we pulled our legs in as we did a sit up with our upper body. Then we twisted our knees to the side and twisted our upper body to the other side. It was challenging to figure out and challenging to do. 

The challenge was Clapping Mountain Climbers. I hate mountain climbers! We were supposed to come up and clap as we moved the foot, but I moved my foot and then did the clap. I did them slow. I sucked at them and I pretty much hated every second of it. I survive though.

The workout overall was really good. I really felt it in my abs. Although, I thought I would be really sore the next day, but I didn't. I would do more stuff from this instructor in the future. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my screen shot. I'm actually pretty surprised that I had 5 minutes of Total Activity on this one. The one minute of vigorous much have been from the jogging. 

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